Timebomb – [Two Friends] ft. [MOD SUN]

Full transparency here, I don’t really listen to EDM music all that much. I used to hate on it, but the more I would hear it out at bars and parties, the more I kind of came around to it and I even started to enjoy certain artists who were making this type of music. This also helped ease my transition into the world of hyperpop a couple of years ago because I was used to the wilder, more synth-forward instrumentals that this genre is known for, but that’s a story for a different day.

MOD SUN is someone who I don’t listen to a ton of either, but I have the utmost respect for him after building such a steady and impressive career for himself throughout the years, and one of our mottos “Think Deep, Don’t Sink” is actually from MOD I believe as well, so his roots to LL run deep even if people don’t know that upfront. MOD is someone I have followed for a while on social media, and when I saw that he teamed up with Two Friends to create a song entitled “Timebomb”, I didn’t want to miss out.

I was actually familiar with Two Friends because of their infamous “Big Bootie Mix” series that features some of the most entertaining transitions and hit records, so this song was not what I expected, but I was blown away by the outcome. The production is so prominent and inspiring, and the way it continuously builds, reaches its pique, and then calms down again before repeating this process is as captivating as I could ever imagine.

In turn, MOD follows suit and completely bellows out some passion-filled, powerful notes in the hook while composing himself during the verses naturally, ultimately making this record something that is as much fun to listen to on your own in the car on a beautiful day as it would be blasting through the speakers at your next summer function.