Time Machine – [Electric Tongues]

With rappers like Yella Beezy, Asian Doll, and G.U.N. leading the charge, the Dallas rap scene is starting to get some real attention, but there is more to the Dallas scene than just rap. Thanks in part to Luna Luna, Pretty Boy Aaron, and Boy Orange Films, I’ve been put on to the bubbling indie rock/pop scene in the Lone Star State as well.

Here, the aforementioned video makers, Boy Orange Films, linked up with Electric Tongues to bring to life the catchy and charismatic effort, “Time Machine.” Rooted in pop and driven by synths, “Time Machine” has a light and easy feel, but there’s a dangerous potency to it; especially in regards to the intoxicatingly catchy hook. Boy Orange Films captures the essence of the track, as well as it’s glossy, fun ambiance with a creative video centered around a retro-twinged talent show.

The root of any good “scene” is an authentic, collaborative community, and, brimming with a natural charm, “Time Machine” is just another example that Dallas is well on its way.