time. – [Jazz Ingram] [DavidTheTragic] [Kenny Mason]

If there’s one thing characterizing Atlanta’s newest generation of star-bound talents, it’s that of collaboration. With notable frequency, listeners receive dream team-esque pairings between some of the city’s strongest young artists, just as is the case with “time.” — the latest 3-track release from Jazz Ingram, DavidTheTragic, and Kenny Mason. Looking back on 2019 for a moment, Ingram had “blue gatorade,” DavidTheTragic had Bender, and Mason had “Hit.” All three artists delivered some of their finest work to date, and now, heading into the new year, they’re ready to combine forces for three new songs, two of which feature yet another ATL native, the ever-promising Jelani Imani.

The first track of the three is the DvDx-produced “New Jersey,” offering a high-octane, bass-heavy beat and a subsequent slew of bomb-dropping verses, one after another. Following this intense cut is “genre,” which takes a step back in regards to sonics, and floats around an idiosyncratic base of production from none other than Your Friend, Kami. Lastly, and tying the release together, Ingram, David, Mason, and Imani come together on “Hurt,” leaving things on a thoughtful note.

If “time.” should say anything, it’s that Atlanta’s new school of artists isn’t just hyper-talented; they’re open and willing to come up as a team, and that’s what separates ATL from other cities. A rising tide lifts all boats, as they say, and “time.” can attest. Stream this one below!