Til I’m Gone – [Slump6s]

Sometimes, music doesn’t always have to be about the most serious incidents in your life in order for a song to be truly compelling. I think this because if every single thing we listened to was extremely heavy and emotion-driven, it would be difficult to listen as much as we do because at least for me, personally, I get really in my head about certain moments, and if the music brought these thoughts back up constantly, my anxiety and uneasiness would take over even more than it does from time to time.

That’s where Slump6s comes into play because he has been dropping music that just seems to be so effortlessly easygoing and fun, but that doesn’t mean it’s anything less than amazing. If anything, I think it makes the New Yorker’s songs that much more enjoyable because I know that no matter which record I press play on, I know that I’ll just get to cut loose and enjoy myself for however long it plays, and that is one of the reasons why he is one of my personal favorite up and comers.

Just a week or two ago, he dropped his EP B4GEN, a quick 5 song project that only spans about 10 minutes long, but it is filled with so many different examples of why he is exploding in the industry. His latest addition to this tape was the Sienna Burmess-directed music video for his Maajins and Goyxrd-produced hit “Til I’m Gone”, and it’s yet again another free-flowing accompaniment to this awesome EP.

The scenes are kept pretty simple and kind of wavy as he pretty much hangs out around a sizeable home keeping himself busy, but it’s the elementary-inspired nostalgic animations and effects that are included throughout that really make this one stand out. I feel like this is simply brought to life in order to showcase the addicting record on its own apart from the project, and considering it serves its purpose in a creative and simplistic way, I think that it’s certainly not something you’ll want to pass up if you’re tapped in with Slump6s.