Tiffany Nikes – [Wale]

In my experience over the years, sometimes an emcee simply becomes so big that everyone knows who they are, even if they can’t necessarily name a song that they’ve put out the past few years. For me, Wale is an example of this personally, because even though I was a massive fan back in high school and found myself constantly bumping his latest hits, I feel like I grew a bit further away from his music, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have the utmost respect for him and the empire he has built for himself. I feel like now, I just tap in with his sneaker knowledge because it’s a passion we both share, and that passion has come to life more than even in his latest single “Tiffany Nikes” which is off of his latest album Folarin II.

Not only is it on the album, but it is actually also expected to be featured in Michael Bay’s upcoming motion picture Ambulance, and this song is so addicting that I might just have to watch the movie too. Alongside the track comes an even more appealing Transition Ninja-directed music video that takes his love for the Tiffany Dunks up a notch thanks to a few cameos from legendary clothing designer Nicky Diamonds and the iconic skateboarder and sneaker fanatic Paul Rodriguez.

In this one, Wale meets up with Nicky outside of his Los Angeles-based Diamond Supply store before heading inside to perform as he’s surrounded by countless Nikes and other clothes, all of which seem to boast the Diamond Supply branding. After this, they take things to the skatepark for P Rod to show off why he’s one of the best in the business, pulling off various tricks that even seasoned veterans like himself can struggle with at times. I am definitely grateful that I tuned into this new visual, and I even found out that Wale partnered with the shopping platform NTWRK to raffle off a pair of retro Tiffany Nike SB Dunks for just $1, so make sure you check out how to enter the drawing as soon as you peep the brand-new video below.