Tick Tock – [Young Thug]

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon or a plain old writer like me to tell you that Young Thug is an icon, and that’s just a straight-up fact that this point. The hype leading up to his upcoming album Punk is seriously real, and after debuting a few of the album’s tracks during his Tiny Desk performance, we can finally get our hands on an official version of his song “Tick Tock’, as well as an Emil Nava-directed music video to accompany it. It’s no secret that this song is another hit in his arsenal, but the visual is definitely an amazing accompaniment, so I couldn’t let that go by the wayside.

Opening up, Thug pulls up to an office building in his all-pink Lamborghini, hopping out and heading into the building to show that he’s a true CEO in his own right. When his employees (who all happen to be gorgeous women) show up for the day, a group of animated spiders follows them in a line, all while he hangs out in a vibrant pink outfit in his office which is full of stacks of cash, expensive-looking desktop decorations, and a bearskin rug that acts as the centerpiece of the room.

During the day, his employees are down to business getting all of their work done, but when the workday is over, things get crazy as they absolutely wreck the office, throwing papers and anything they can get their hands on up in the air for one massive party that I’m very envious I wasn’t able to be a part of.

Later on, Thug hops back into his whip to cruise through a colorfully animated forest where he glides through the trees as a personal cheerleading squad roots him on through this acid trip of a scene. I seriously couldn’t be more ready for Punk to be in our hands, and while it definitely can’t come soon enough, “Tick Tock” is the unbelievable new track that you need to check out for yourself as soon as you get the chance.