Thugs Cry – [FTM Bear]

The rise of social media’s influence on determining what songs blow up has manifested itself in a variety of ways, and we have seen artists come up off of apps like Vine, Instagram, Tik-Tok, Triller, and maybe more than any other platform, Twitter. Just months ago YRN affiliate Duke Deuce went from a notable Memphis rapper to a national sensation when a snippet from his “Yeh” video went viral for its combination of Duke’s goofy dancing skills and the undeniable potency of his music, and after this explosion Duke Deuce has begun to reach new heights with zero signs of slowing down.

In the past week or so on Twitter I have seen a new song starting to trend in this direction, not for gimmicks or clickbait but pure ability and emotional cogency. You may or not have seen this visual in question yet, but it is certainly looking like it will be hitting your timelines soon. “Thugs Cry” is the first track I have heard from Flint, Michigan based artist FTM Bear, and after poking deeper into his catalog after this initial listen I can confidently say that FTM Bear has a bright future ahead of him. Bear is obviously in touch with his emotions and he paints an intriguing picture of his current state over a reflective instrumental. Keep an eye on FTM Bear as he continues to release new music and only furthers his already growing audience, I think he has the chance to be pretty special.

Watch the “Thugs Cry” video here.