Thug Cry Pt. 1 – [LBS Kee’vin]

Pescola, Florida rapper LBS Kee’vin is back with another thorough offering with his new single “Thug Cry Pt. 1.” Since I first posted LBS Kee’vin on Lyrical Lemonade his star status has risen significantly. “Boston George” has been taking off and even landed on World Star Hip-Hop along with a couple of other popular rap publications. Kee’vin just has a knack for painting vivid stories with his words all the way down to his hooks and melodies. Yes, rap style is very popular in the genre today but not everyone has the ability to narrate and articulate different stories in songs like Kee’vin does this early on in their music. I can only imagine the end product of how someone these songs will sound once he gets a good label and management team backing him. The wait for his project Belaire Baby is coming to an end as via his Instagram Kee’vin locked in a release date on Independence day next month.

Stream LBS Kee’vin’s new single, “Thug Cry Pt. 1.” below.