Thrusting – [Internet Money] ft. [Swae Lee] & [Future]

Internet Money is the powerhouse in music that everyone in the music industry raves about and respects, but I’m not sure the general public or casual music listener knows about just how much they’re responsible for in terms of songs, styles, and breakout artists. They’ve pretty much created a sound that took the world by storm over the past few years and now the scene is flooded with some of the various styles they’ve created throughout this time. Although they’ve produced hits for absolute icons and legends, they also have their own in-house signees who I think are more promising than anyone else in the current climate of music. It’s also insane how they don’t just stop at Hip-Hop or Rap but rather expand their horizons and branch out into other genres to not only reach various audiences but to also challenge themselves to try new things and continue to invent new sounds and styles.

If you’re at all familiar with Internet Money or music in general, then it shouldn’t come as a surprise in the slightest that their debut album B4 The Storm is just a week away. When I saw the tracklist, I almost passed out after seeing all of the features that were included on this project. Huge names like Trippie Redd, Juice WRLD, Future, Wiz Khalifa, Gunna, Swae Lee and more are intermingled with some of the most promising rising stars including TyFontaine, Iann Dior, TheHxliday, The Kid LAROI, lilspirit, and many more, but there are just too many names to mention. All I’m saying is, if you haven’t seen the full tracklist yet, go check it out and you might not sleep for a week straight out of pure anticipation and excitement. Today, just a week after their momentous single “Lemonade” featuring Don Toliver, Gunna, and NAV dropped, they’re back again with another hit, this time in the form of “Thrusting” featuring Swae Lee and Future and I can say with the utmost confidence that the results were not at all what I was expecting, but they’re remarkable regardless.

When it comes to the beat that was tag teamed by an entire slew of Internet Money hitmakers, they decided to try something new and provided us with a dancehall-inspired instrumental that Swae is no stranger to, but I was intrigued to see what kind of approach Future was going to take. Before the telltale drums enter into the scene, emotive piano keys play out as Swae sings a few precursor words in a very soft, gentle fashion that almost throws you off the scent of this song actually sounding like a dancehall jam. They even get a Future tagline for Internet Money in there, and anyone who knows anything about the Atlanta legend knows that a tagline from him is worth gold, just ask Metro Boomin.

For Swae’s verse, he delivers his lines in segments, singing them and then giving them time to breathe while the beat plays out. He swings the pitch within his voice in a moment’s notice and truly shows his masterfulness throughout every portion of the song he touches. For the chorus, the drums cut out altogether for the first half as Swae raises the level of passion and enthusiasm in his voice, elevating the vibe even more after the drums come back in and lead us into Future’s verse. When he does enter into the picture, he seemingly can’t wait and busts into his verse before Swae can truly finish his last line.

His lines are a bit more rapid than his counterpart and there is less open space left as Future takes this time to swing his vocals up and down as well, holding out certain notes and toying with his vocal effects in his trademark fashion. His fervor is extremely captivating, and his excitement definitely keeps your attention throughout his entire part. Swae then comes in for one more short contribution before delivering a final hook and sending us off on our way. As these two superstars take us throughout this sonic journey, they seem to be talking to significant others, trying to convince them to trust the process and take a leap of faith, knowing that the artists will protect them and provide for them whenever they need anything.

I was so excited to finally listen to this song after hearing the hype surrounding it for the past week, but after listening to “Lemonade” on repeat since it dropped and not finding a single flaw made me nervous that this wouldn’t live up to that single. Luckily, I’m starting to recognize a trend that the forthcoming album is going to just simply be hit after hit, and I should have known because Internet Money seemingly can’t create a miss. There is also a LoneWolf lyric video to accompany this track, so make sure to tune into that during your first run through as well. This next week is going to feel like the longest week of my life because I have such high hopes for the album that it’s beyond difficult to wait, but I know it’ll be well worth it and it’s most likely going to be a record that I’m going to be constantly revisiting for years to come. Obviously, I’m excited and you should be too, but “Thrusting” should hold us over until then, so make sure you stop whatever you’re doing and check it out as soon as possible.