Thru the Glass – [Isaac Zale]

Vancouver’s Isaac Zale is fresh off the release of his outstanding debut album None of the Keys Fit at the end of last year. If you’ve been a fan of Isaac, you’d know he has an insane work ethic and rarely leaves his fans waiting very long for fresh music. While his album was an intense look at the anxiety Isaac faces on a daily basis, his latest single “Thru the Glass” is an absolute feel-good hit that makes you get out of your seat to dance immediately.

One thing that makes Isaac a special artist is he can literally dismantle any beat, this single is a perfect example. This outstanding bouncy beat provided by Jengi is one where your head instantly starts bobbing to the beat as Isaac’s smooth vocals tie everything together. While Zale is known as a premier lyricist, he shows yet again what his voice is capable of. It seems like with the trajectory he’s on, don’t be surprised if we start looking at him as a bonafide pop star. Isaac has been on a hot streak lately, it seems he’s gearing up for another year of strong releases building on the timeless music he dropped in 2020.

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