Through Tha Night – [Obed Padilla]

Obed Padilla is a treasure that deserves immense amounts of recognition for his art. The Oceanside artist first made his Lyrical Lemonade debut back in 2019 and is now resurfacing after the release of his brand new song entitled, “Through Tha Night”. 

What I love about Obed is simply his musical ear. He is operating on a wavelength that is much different than a lot of mainstream artists and it truly just works for him. The guy is a wizard when it comes to production and has the ability to add the type of groove/funk that will leave you speechless. Every single one of his songs are meticulously created and the end results are always magnificent. This new joint, “Thru Tha Night” just continues Obed’s trend of perfection. The rising artist has found his niche when it comes to the way in which he utilizes guitars into his music so seamlessly. The catchy nature of the lyrics and infectious rhythm make this a track that you’ll want to bump at any time and at any place. I had to run this one back a lot just to pick up on new aspects that I may have missed the first time.

I’m a huge fan of Obed. He’s got the skills to go far and I’m so excited to follow his success. If you want to peep the new offering, make sure to check out the Spotify link down below!