three wheels and it still drives! – [glaive]

Up-and-coming artists seem to be getting younger and younger, so at this point, age doesn’t matter for rising musicians and if anything, it seems to be an advantage for many young emcees. A few years ago, my brother put me onto ericdoa and glaive as well as a whole slew of other hyperpop talents, but those were the two people who really stuck with me as I eased into the subgenre. Currently, it seems like the two artists have stuck to their word and strayed away from the more obscure sounds that come with the subgenre’s label, but they still incorporate a wide variety of sounds that refresh and excite me to listen to straight pop music.

While I knew glaive was going to be a star from the moment I found out about him, I had no idea just how huge he would get, and how quickly he would get there. He is presently one of the biggest singers in the world that isn’t completely mainstream yet, but there is still so much room to grow and so many other listeners to catch up that with a little more time, he is going to be an unfathomably massive legend. I mean, his following is as loyal as it gets, and while they’re always known for supporting him no matter what, I think one of the wildest fan interactions came when I saw that someone was asked to their high school homecoming dance with a reference to his latest song “three wheels and it still drives!”

What a creative way to ask a diehard glaive fan, giving you an almost guaranteed yes and a night I’m sure they’ll never forget. As far as the. Jeff Hazin-produced record goes, the first half is pretty calm and serene, but the North Carolina native never leaves you unsurprised, especially with a powerful and enthusiastic second half of the track. In the Ramez Silyan-directed visual, a dress-up glaive gets home to a modern, luxurious estate, entering to what appears to be a nice dinner set up by his love interest in the film. She is visibly upset, and I presume it may have been because he got home late, prompting her to go on a tirade, eventually throwing wine on him and throwing all of his things in the pool.

When he packs his bags and gets in his car, she even slashes one of the tires, but as the song’s title suggests, that doesn’t stop him from leaving. While she continues to indulge in vices back at home, glaive drives down a dark road before an explosion is shown, somehow knocking the musician out and causing the car to drive off the road before coming to a close. There is never a time where I leave a new release from the bonafide superstar wanting more, and this one is no different, so if you have somehow missed out on this record up until now, make it a priority to tap in and see what you’ve been missing out on.