Thought You’d Stay – [Westerns] x [Isla June]

My absolute favorite songs blow past the idea that they are just great for easy listening in favor of creating an unmistakable atmosphere. The newly released collaborative single, “Though You’d Stay,” released by producer/songwriter Westerns, and the phenomenal singer-songwriter Isla June, do an exceptional job of submerging you in a world created of silk-lined vocals and cascading keys.

The new collaborative release feels like a late summer night with the windows down, and as the summer comes to a close, “Thought You’d Stay” leaves an impressionable taste in your mouth of the summer’s magical aurora. Westerns production on the new single is slow and steady, with glistening moments of euphoria and unparalleled nostalgia. Isla June’s incredible vocal performance acts in concert with Westerns production by further texturizing the song with elegance and new-age delivery. “Thought You’d Stay” ultimately straddles a fine line between nostalgia-inducing R&B and more modern elements of the genre. Those in need of a song to get lost in, look no further.

Listen to “Thought You’d Stay” by Westerns and Isla June below.