Thotbox – [Marcus2x]

Los Angeles-based rapper Marcus2x has returned to release his new single entitled “Thotbox.” The song is an upbeat, hypnotic track with a catchy melody and clever lyrics produced by Kissa. Marcus2x is a rising star in the underground hip-hop scene. He first began making music in 2021 and quickly gained a following on TikTok. However, he saw his first success on TikTok when one of his songs, “Drunk and Nasty Remix,” that he posted garnered 3.1 million views. Immediately following this rise in interest, he began posting more songs and each of them gained hundreds of thousands of views. It was at this point that Marcus decided to take his music career seriously. There’s no overall theme or deep meaning to this record but that’s fine because it serves its purpose. It’s meant to be a fun single that makes you feel like flexing, staying focused, and manifesting your end goals.

Stream Marcus2x’s new single “Thotbox” for yourself after the break.