This Old Dog – [Mac Demarco]

This Old Dog starts out with the single, “My Old Man”, where Mac reflects on how over the years he has become more like his father than he would have liked, a song I’m certain a lot of people can relate to. The rest of the album continues that introspective tone, featuring a compilation of summer love songs and dreamy vapors of emotions accompanied by Demarco’s trademark mellow production. Mac actually plays every instrument on the album, along with handling the production and engineering making it an organic release of his creative mind. This album is special in it’s simplicity, sending the listener into a sort of nostalgia even if they haven’t experienced exactly what is going on in the narratives of the songs. This is definitely a slower album but sometimes a nice break from the fast-paced lifestyle of the 21st Century is exactly what we need, This Old Dog does just that. Stream it below!