This My Life – [Lil Tecca] x [The Kid LAROI] x [Lil Skies]

It’s sometimes incredibly humbling to sit back and think about how Lyrical Lemonade began as only a music blog, right here on this very website, it was once a tiny WordPress blog with a few dozen visitors that has now grown into the empire that it is today. When I think about the story of Lyrical Lemonade and how it got to this point, I can’t help but think about the artists we’ve worked with, some of the most important being Lil Tecca, The Kid LAROI, and Lil Skies.

With the release of the Lyrical Lemonade album, All Is Yellow just a few short weeks ago, the fans have had some time to sit with the music, and one of the best-performing songs on the project is “This My Life” featuring the three aforementioned artists.

Just seeing this music video release comes out damn near makes me emotional, these three have been so pivotal in Lyrical Lemonade history, they genuinely feel like family at this point. Also, out of all of the music videos on the album, this one had an interesting development as it had to be shot on TWO different occasions. I don’t mean it was shot and then a pick-up day to get some extra shots, nope, all three artists had to come back together to reshoot this video after some of the original footage had issues.

Regardless of the obstacles that momentarily halted this video, it’s now out in the world where it can be enjoyed for the rest of time. Any fan of LL or any of these artists understands the magnitude of this moment, now let’s all just take some time to appreciate it for what it is.