This Is Our Time – [Dolly Ave]

“This track is the first single off of my official debut 11 song album. I wanted to write an album that would help me move beyond specific personal problems like heartbreak. In the process, I learned a lot about discovering my sound which mixes indie pop and punk influences from my youth”Dolly Ave

Dolly Ave returns to Lyrical Lemonade with an empowering new song titled “This Is Our Time.” Serving as the first single off her upcoming [debut] album, the track is accompanied by a perspective-filled visual. Mixing indie pop and punk, Ave’s unique sound reverberates through the roaring guitars and spirited production. Dolly’s voice is full of passion; her fearless vocals match her emotive facial expressions, which stem from a restorative process amid personal hardship. The animated chorus in particular culminates all of which makes the track successful, as Ave speaks from a point of assurance. “This Is Our Time” is a great offering to jumpstart your week; better yet, the perfect release to inspire you for the rest of 2022. Watch the official music video, directed + produced by Mariah Morgenstern below!