This Fronto – [Juicy J] & [Pi’erre Bourne]

The time has finally come. Memphis icon Juicy J and Pi’erre Bourne announced this week that the two would be teaming up for the collaborative record Space Age Pimpin’ set for release later this month – and our first taste of it arrives today. “This Fronto” is our first single for the project, a booming Southern-flavored banger that sees hip-hop past and future collide in sacred harmony. Juicy J and Pi’erre Bourne trade verses over a Lex Luger-meets-Bear1Boss mix that sounds exactly like what you would want a collab between the two to sound like. “This Fronto” is more than just a love letter to substances – it’s a refreshing hip-hop anthem that blends different times, spaces, and musical styles into something entirely unique.

When Juicy J was featured on Pi’erre Bourne and Jelly’s Wolf of Peach Tree 2 last month, many doe-eyed fans started praying that “Bubble Gum” would not be the last time Juicy J and Pi’erre Bourne would join forces. Thankfully, our prayers have been answered. Space Age Pimpin’ is set to drop June 22, and if “This Fronto” is any indication of things to come, we may have an AOTY contender on our hands.

Check out Juicy J and Pi’erre Bourne’s “This Fronto” below: