this body means nothing to me – [shrimp]

In an age filled with the need for immediacy, it’s always refreshing to see artists take a step back every once in a while. The music needs it, the artists themselves need it, and to be honest, even the fans need it. Overconsumption doesn’t last, but great art delivered with enough time to grow in between does. Here to exemplify just this, Atlanta artist shrimp is here with an incredible new song, “this body means nothing to me.”

Breaking a six-month wait since his last single, “this body means nothing to me” is a masterful release from the budding talent, delivering vulnerable lines in a reflective, almost confessional way. From feelings of being an outsider looking in to themes of harm born out of personal struggle, the single exudes emotional complexity, leaving the lyrics just subliminal enough to encourage thoughtful listening and careful consumption.

These ideas, meshed with the tackled rawness of the guitar riffs, make “this body means nothing to me” an impactful return for the Atlanta artist, and one that certainly leaves listeners with more than enough to last. Shrimp is here for the long run, and the dense songwriting and tortured vocals of his latest can attest.

Stream “this body means nothing to me” below!