Thelayoff- [riQo the menace]

Ever since I’ve heard of the Milwaukee rapper riQo the menace, it’s truly a wonder why he doesn’t receive the recognition he deserves. He isn’t afraid to put himself and his skill to the test, and the more obscure the instrumental, usually the better the result. He has some intense songs with quick hats and brain busting bass that he can absolutely shred. At the same time, he can take a more melodic beat with some piano or guitar, get some autotune on the hook and use his deep, lyrically inclined voice to body the song. I was curious how a full project from riQo would sound because I wasn’t sure if he’d stick to his soothing flow, opt for a tape full of bangers or if there would be a mixture of both. My questions were answered after he dropped his mixtape “Thelayoff” earlier today. With eleven tracks and some crazy beats from producers like LeanBeatz, EQ, Cutthroat and Davis, there was plenty of areas for riQo to showcase any and all styles and sounds he desired. After listening, I was beyond pleased to hear that not only was there a melting pot of his different styles, but he also used a couple slots to administer an intro as well as an interlude. I feel that “Thelayoff” is precisely what not only riQo needed to pave his way to more stereos, but what Milwaukee and the Midwest in general needed. He provides a new sound and artistry to the industry that should be recognized in no time. He is able to take influences and pointers from other artists and these influences are heard loud and clear in his music, but not once does he copy or mimic those who influenced him. riQo takes what he is interested in music he hears, fuses all of these different sounds and strategically places them together to form a fantastic project. Check out “Thelayoff” below so you can understand why riQo the menace is one of the most promising underground talents in Milwaukee.

words by Danny Adams