They Know – [Zayman]

Hollywood, Florida rapper Zayman has released his latest single, “They Know.” The song is a dark and haunting street anthem with hard-hitting 808s. The song begins with a slow, ominous beat that sets the tone for the rest of the track. Zayman’s vocals are gritty and raw, and his lyrics paint a vivid picture of the streets. “They Know” is a great song for listening to in the background while you’re working, riding in the car, or doing something else. It’s not a song that you need to sit down and study the lyrics to. It’s more about the atmosphere and the feeling of the song. However, that’s not me discrediting Zayman as a rapper he’s got other records in his discography that are more focused on his lyricism like “Hold It Down.” If you’re a fan of the wave of Florida Street rappers emerging from the state like Luh Tyler, Loe Shimmy, and others then Zayman should find a home in your playlist.

Stream Zayman’s newest single “They Know” after the break.