They Don’t lol – [BBKnight] [Goyxrd]

Las Vegas artist BBKnight has been one of the most prolific and underrated artists on the SoundCloud scene for some time now innovating in both music and fashion, being at the forefront of both the pluggnb scenes and many fashion waves, earning lots of love and support from his work in that world. Goyxrd supplied the groovy synth-laden production that provided a melodic backdrop for Knight’s autotuned vocals to fall atop. This song just flows effortlessly as does most of his catalog that is characteristically smooth as he is a veteran in this scene and sound at this point but has shown a dramatic deal of versatility across his prolific catalog. I look forward to hearing what else BBKnight has on the way this year and think that 2022 could be the year when his music begins to translate from the underground to the mainstream.