There’s A First Time For Everything – [Brett Walker]

Back in January, I happened to come across Brett Walker by way of “Sink In”, and though he was a little rough around the edges, I was really drawn in by his talent and charisma. So much so, I’ve been watching closely, waiting for something more. When the Washington native dropped off a new, six-track EP  There’s A First Time For Everything I was eager to dive in to see if there’s was really something here.

Similar to “Sink In,” there are some rough spots–a clunky line or something that just doesn’t quite work–but overall, the good far outweighs the bad. I can deal with a clunky line or two because Walker demonstrates a knack for creating some really infectious melodies as well as a  charismatic, heartfelt, and authentic persona. Especially on songs like “Stay Loyal” you’ll find yourself really “rooting” for him; Walker makes you like him.

Songwriting can be improved with experience, but the intangibles that Walker demonstrates–the charisma, the ear for melodies, etc– are the things that can’t be taught. The fact that Brett Walker not only has them but is already translating them to his music is a really great foundation for the promising, young artist.

Standout Tracks: “Coincidence” ft. Corb, “Feel A Way” ft. July Frvr, & “Stay Loyal”