Therapeutic – [OA MARQ]

It’s obviously no secret that the Florida rap scene has been booming for quite some time, but it seems like only recently has the rest of the country began to take notice. Most recently, I was put onto Tampa native OA MARQ, an insanely talented spitter who is still early on in his career, but he’s getting looks left and right, and rightfully so. Not too long ago, he decided to drop off a brand-new visual for his song “Therapeutic”, and the results completely speak for themselves. The song itself uses a very intimate, serious guitar melody combined with consistently tapping percussion and pungent 808s that add up to form an incredible instrumental that is absolutely perfect for MARQ to showcase his abundance of skills.

At first, it’s hard to tell whether he’s going to rap or sing, but he ends up doing somewhat of a mixture of both that is unlike anything I have honestly experienced before. It doesn’t seem like he’s fully singing with all of his power but he’s also swinging his voice much more than the typical rapper would, so the mixture of the two talents at once is truly captivating and impressive, to say the least. Meanwhile, MARQ rotates through so many different flows that not only keep you on your toes but also demonstrate exactly how versatile he is as an artist beyond his deliveries alone, and this is going to go such a long way for the rising star as his career continues to progress.

As far as the visual is concerned, he teamed up with Diamond Visuals who directed this miniature movie, and they did an impeccable job of bringing his powerful story to life. Opening up, MARQ finds himself in the middle of an empty church. While it seems too updated to be abandoned completely, there is no sign of life as the emcee begins to reflect on his life. Soon enough, he stands in front of a wall full of pictures of artists who passed away way before they were meant to. Some of these artists include Biggie, Lil Peep, Mac Miller, Juice WRLD, Nipsey Hussle, and King Von among others, and this reveals his message louder and clearer than ever before as he talks about his hesitancy to continue on with music because he’s afraid of what the outcome could end up being when it comes to his own life and the lives of the people around him. Whether he’s in various different parts of the church, in front of his city’s skyline, or flipping through a Bible, the story remains the same as he contemplates following his dream or taking a safer, more normal route in life.

Although this is my introduction to OA MARQ, it’s definitely not going to be the last I hear of him. He is multifaceted in all the best ways, his voice is spectacular, catchy, and compelling, and his storytelling ability is as vivid as the music video itself. It might seem hard to keep up with all of the new names coming up from the rap scene down in Florida, but each artist seems to bring something different to the table and MARQ might just be one of the more impressive talents I’ve seen in recent memory. Although OA MARQ might just be getting started, he has all of the pieces and a sturdy foundation to be a star, so I’m definitely looking forward to the glow-up he’s going to experience sooner rather than later.