Then There Were Two- [Mark Ronson] ft. [Anderson .Paak]

Mark Ronson is a household name to most, but he’s not typically a common artist featured on LL. This is purely for the fact that normally he produces other genres that aren’t always aligned with rap, but as soon as I heard his song “Then There Were Two” and felt the soulful vibes, I had to write about it. Anderson .Paak, an artist that I still can’t really put a finger on the genres of music he creates considering how talented and all over the place his songs can be, can take the majority of the credit for the upbeat and heartfelt groove that is felt within the track. Out of all the artists I’ve ever listened to, .Paak is someone who’s happiness can not only be felt, but heard in his voice as he cruises along Ronson’s show tune-like production. It feels like a show tune, in fact, because it is actually going to be featured in the upcoming film Spies In Disguise, which Ronson is releasing an accompanying EP for as well. Although there’s parts of this song that absolutely scream basic movie soundtrack, there’s no denying its catchiness. I’m a fan of this duo and hope that they work more together on personal songs and projects rather than for a movie, but I’ll take what they give us. Either way, the entertaining single is worth a listen, so be sure to check it out.

Words by Danny Adams