The Yankee and the Brave – [Run the Jewels]

When it comes to truly not caring about offending others and especially not catering to anyone’s feelings, in particular, Run the Jewels can take the crown and run with it. They speak what’s on their minds whether it’s topics about politics or other typically controversial issues, and they have no apologies once their opinions hit their audience. This sort of grittiness and unapologetic behavior has partially led them to their place in the music industry, but their lyricism and ways of delivering these topics have got to be the other factors that add to their notoriety. They never shy away from confrontation and, in fact, they go out of their ways to seek it out, so you know a group as daring as them has something important to say, whether you agree or not.

Ever since their release of RTJ3 back in 2016, fans have been salivating at the spectacle of the 4th edition of this classic series. It looks like that is quite possibly on the horizon as the duo hit Instagram to gift fans with their first single off of the upcoming album, entitled “The Yankee and the Brave”. The instrumental is comprised of in your face, old school percussion, quiet synths, and a melody that is so subtle that you might not even recognize it at first. This all comes together to form an organized yet chaotic path for the pair to get even more belligerent. Killer Mike begins the song, delivering overly hostile bars about some of his real-life experiences, as well as making a promise to keep the block hot, assuring this to his momma and Osama Bin Laden.

El-P is next up as he shows off a spitfire cadence, showcasing a rhyme at what sounds like every 3rd word. He discusses narratives such as the fact that he believes the government is targeting everyone and instead of rising up together and attempting to make a change, we’re just arguing with each other. As the tag team switches off verses, Mike comes back in to discuss police brutality and what his violent response just might be, humanizing certain controversial views on the topic. Throughout the entire song, the duo paints a few beyond vivid pictures about some of the most discussed and debated topics in the world today, going into detail about hypothetical situations that would unfold if it were up to them.

Run the Jewels don’t seem to get the respect they deserve in the industry from my perspective. Maybe this is due to their controversial nature or aggressive demeanors, but their flows are insane, their wordplay is pretty much unmatched by anyone else, and their attitudes are off the charts. Although this can all be expected on RTJ4, it’s always a surprise to see just how they’ll deliver these things, so I definitely have high expectations as I’m sure all their other fans do as well. Be sure to tune into “The Yankee and the Brave”, the first single off of the upcoming album from one of the best pairs coming out of New York.

Words by Danny Adams

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