The World is Yours – [Brandon Nembhard]

If you’ve got an itch for U.K. rap today, I’ve got your fix. In comes Brandon Nembhard, a Jamaican-raised, London-based rapper who is on the cusp of making some serious strides here over the next month.  Last week, my “for you” page on Tiktok blessed me with the gift of finding his music and his recent single, “The World is Yours”, has been on repeat ever since. Pairing the record with his tremendous visual acumen that we can see on his TikTok, Nembhard proves that he’s a well-rounded up-and-comer with a very bright future ahead. While we all know U.K. rap has been on the sample wave recently, I’ve yet to see a nod to one of the greats from a U.K. up-and-comer in a way that Brandon Nembhard did overtop of Nas’ “The World Is Yours” and for that I give him all of my respect.  I might not be a U.K. rap expert, but it doesn’t take a guru to be able to notice when someone is as special as Brandon Nembhard and that certainly shined through on his remix of “The World Is Yours”. Throughout the American classic turned U.K. drill record, Nembhard delivers with a flawless vocal delivery, intentional storytelling, and flows that’ll put him on your radar immediately – making for the perfect introductory track to the world of Brandon Nembhard. If you haven’t already checked this one out, I suggest you do so using the Spotify link below and also dig into his brand new single, “Hand On Chest”, which dropped today!