the wedding! (Remix) – [Brevin Kim] ft. [Lil West]

Without a doubt, there’s a new sound being ushered into the hip-hop and pop spaces right now — more electronic, more dramatic, and unconcerned with defining itself. One group helping to lead the shift is Brevin Kim, a Boston-bred duo of biological brothers whose untapped base of sound is perhaps one of the most exciting in music right now. Today, revisiting one of the standout tracks from their cliff EP released earlier this year, the group is back with a remix of “the wedding!” alongside none other than Lil West.

Quite honestly, before I jump into the contribution that Lil West brought to this one, it’s important to note that production as polarizing and volatile as this is what matters right now. Someone needs to push the needle forward, and by creating his own world of hyper-reality under the guise of such ambitious music, Dylan Brady is effectively changing the face of what we consider genre conventions. Add the songwriting genius and experimental adaptability of Brevin Kim, plus Lil West’s world-crushing vocals, and you have a hell of a remix, reflective of what could very well become the future faces of left-field popular music.

Personally, this is one of the best songs and subsequent remixes I’ve heard in a long time, so I won’t labor you with any more words. Stream this song below, and keep it on repeat!

Produced by Dylan Brady