The Voices in the Dark- [Ramirez]

Grey 59 has done an absolutely incredible job stacking their lineup of artists over the past few years. Obviously, $uicideboy$ led the label to where it is in the industry today, and they continue to transform as well as bend the rules of traditional Rap music. Beyond that is Germ, who has brought a more energetic side to the label with his wild flows and versatility over many different styles of production. One of the artists on their roster who sometimes seems to get overshadowed for no good reason is Ramirez. He’s kind of the best of both worlds when it comes to his label mates. He can spit rapid-fire bars, change his voice to portray different emotions, stand out on any beat he is given, and he even brings an exuberant amount of energy to any song he’s a part of.

His most recent single is called “Voices in the Dark”, and it’s the perfect example for my list of reasons as to why he deserves more respect. With production brought to you by the one and only Mikey the Magician, he puts so many sounds and instruments together that just shouldn’t work simultaneously but somehow do, as well as a bassline that sounds like it’s out of an old school video game. Within this, there’s a haunting melody in the distance that is almost overshadowed by the lyrics and the rest of the sounds in the beat. Ramirez follows a quick introduction from a pitched-down voice, getting right into an extremely quick verse. Although his words are spoken quickly, he annunciates well so you can actually hear the words he’s speaking which is great because some of his wordplay is just wild.

He also switches up his delivery and voice a few times throughout to show his adaptability. He does this by screaming at certain points for added aggression, using a deep and raspy voice at other points to sound almost demonic, and eventually ends the track whispering. Although his whispers might come off calmly, the lyrics he’s speaking mention hanging on a crucifix and seeing his destiny, which are clearly themes that oppose his tone of voice.

Although there’s so much going on throughout this single, the best part is that it never gets too overwhelming. He puts all of his skills on display to turn some heads, and if you’re not at least somewhat impressed while also slightly frightened, your volume must not have been turned up high enough. Although this might not be a song you’d want to listen to right before you go to sleep, you should listen to it while it blares out of a speaker to truly get the full effect. “The Voices in the Dark” is yet another reason why G59 is here to stay, so don’t miss out on Ramirez’s latest offering.

Words by Danny Adams