The Tragedy of a Clown – [Ramirez]

G59 has been a staple in the underground since it officially formed in 2015, but it has taken off to unfathomable proportions ever since. $uicideboy$ have had a large part in the label’s success, but I am never one to overlook the other hitmakers on the label like Ramirez, Shakewell, Germ, or Night Lovell, because not only do all of them make a significant impact on the label’s success as well, but they have also personally helped me through a lot over the years. Ramirez is one of the collective’s most versatile and interesting spitters because he can go from an all-out banger to a song that is very personal and pensive in the blink of an eye, but perform each one just as masterfully.

The Bay Area-born rapper has been paving a way for himself for almost a decade, beginning his string of unforgettable hits way back in 2013, and his most recent offering is his new album Tragedy of a Clown. This project pieces together 27 minutes of pure artistry throughout 11 songs that show off his dexterity, diversity, skill set, and personality all at the same time. Certain tracks are undeniable jams that feature hard-hitting percussion and powerful flows while others highlight personal struggles and hardships that the tenured veteran has endured and overcome, proving to be a better individual after witnessing these adversities first-hand and dealing with them in his own way.

When asked about the album title and content, Ramirez spoke with honesty and courage:

“The purpose of a clown is to perform and entertain… But sometimes clowns hide their true emotions with happiness painted on their face. The reality is that clowns are not always content and have to play that happy role even while they are being laughed at and don’t feel like a real person at all. This related to me while I’ve gotten sober and battled depression over the past couple of years. Recording this album helped me get through some difficult times and I hope that it helps me rediscover my love and passion for making music.”

Making music is not always easy, especially when you pour your heart and soul into it. While recording this album might not have been sunshine and rainbows, it proves that Ramirez is turning the page and starting a new chapter, one that I am eager to witness as time continues.