The Prefix – [Bari]

With glimpses of greatness popping up from Bari Allen over the past couple of years, it seems the St. Louis native is prepared to let his talent carry him to a new level. The latest look at his progression comes to us today in the form of ‘The Prefix’—a 3-track endeavor that, judging by its title, is a mere sampler of what Bari has been working on.

With that in mind, the EP stands alone as an impressive body of work that introduces (or reintroduces) a listener to Bari’s melodic, effortless style. For someone who previously had not listened to Bari’s music, this project immediately enticed me to delve deeper into his discography, fiending to find more of the floating trance that ‘The Prefix’ induces. His weightless flows pair well with the lush, bouncy production curated by Monte Booker and Smino—both of whom are longtime collaborators with Bari. This rapper-producer symbiosis really shines on “Glacier”, as airy synths and percussion cushion the springs for Bari to bounce his playful cadences off of. Get in tune with ‘The Prefix’ below and look out for more from Bari soon: