The Mop – [TisaKorean] [Kblast] & [Huncho Da Rockstar]

2019 has seen multiple dances become wildly viral thanks to the massively popular apps like TikTok and Triller to help catalog and amplify these infections dance moves. As we come to a close on the year, we may have just been blessed with one of the best dance records to release in the past 12 months. TisaKorean has become known for his bubbly personality and electrifying dancing, fresh off the video for his shopping mall anthem “AERO (Blow the Whistle)” he returns with a dance craze that’s already beginning to take over the internet.

After first hearing this song, I knew Tisa had another potential viral hit on his hands. It all went to another level when last Sunday Odell Beckham Jr. scored a monumental touchdown and celebrated it by doing The Mop, followed by teaching his team members on the sideline. This is only the initial spark but the video has found its way into a ton of videos on TikTok and Triller already during one of the biggest party weeks in the US. With an infectious dance move to go along with a song that will get people moving as soon as the chorus hits. Tisa is joined by newcomers Kblast and Huncho Da Rockstar who both come to this release as certified club rockers. The three of them have formed a group called The Gogettas and there should be more releases from them expected in the future.

Tisa has been on a tear all year with his ingenuity and ability to get people across the country dancing and smiling. A strong way to close out the decade with a dance that while simple has already started to go crazy online. This feels like yet anohter hit on Tisa’s hands, constantly evolving from release to release. Listen to “The Mop” and tell me it isn’t impossible to start dancing.

Stream “The Mop” on all platforms here!