The Melodic Blue (Deluxe) – [Baby Keem]

I have mixed emotions when it comes to deluxe versions of albums because it feels like every artist has such a different interpretation of what this means, and the execution can be way off at times from my point of view. I just feel like over the past couple of years, an artist will drop a highly anticipated album and then drop a deluxe version a week or two later. Considering these same emcees also include 10 or more songs on the updated version, it’s like listeners don’t have a chance to sit with the original and appreciate it in all of its glory for nearly as long as they should, and the new wave of songs can overshadow some of the other tracks that these musicians worked long and hard on.

I know that it’s just more new music which is awesome, but I love when I can sit with a project and really dive into all the ins and outs of it before letting it breathe and moving on before returning to it with new life brought by the deluxe version to fall in love with the collection of tracks all over again. I preface all of this because Baby Keem’s The Melodic Blue was one of my favorite projects of last year from one of my favorite artists of the past few years, and while I hadn’t listened to it as a whole in a while, I was able to return to the newly dropped deluxe album and re-spark my love for the effort once again.

Adding another 10 songs to the original is amazing in general, so even though two of the first three tracks are songs that have been out since before the original was released, and the first record had been featured on the first edition as well, it’s a nice way of reacquainting with the Los Angeles star prior to getting into the new songs. Keem does an incredible job of taking these new songs and meshing them with the stylistic cohesivity in the original, displaying some harder-hitting tracks just as magnificently as his more introspective and meditative ballads.

Add in guests like PinkPantheress, Lil Uzi, and an additional contribution from Don Toliver, and there is no way that the deluxe does anything but make you fall in love with The Melodic Blue all over again. So, if you were like me and haven’t revisited this project in a while, the deluxe edition will surely reinvigorate your love for Baby Keem’s insanely good debut album.