the loved ones – [juno]

Not too much time has passed since the moment I first heard about juno, an insanely talented rising star who has been classified as a part of the hyperpop community, but as with a lot of my favorite artists in this subgenre, I definitely believe that he transcends the confines of this label. It seems like he had barely even scratched the surface of the music industry before he found his niche and began to thrive, working with some of the other hottest emcees out while even teaming up with Overcast for a string of insanely addictive videos.

It is exciting to me that he has seen so much success this early on in his thriving career, so that gets me thinking that he is going to be on an entirely different level within even just a few months, and this time next year, I think he is going to be on an entirely different playing field without a doubt. He has become known as a king of singles, and even though he did release one EP last year, I definitely had a craving for another project from the innovator, so when I saw that he released his brand-new EP the loved ones today, I wasted no time heading to Spotify to tap in.

Although there are just 6 songs that span past 13 minutes long, I feel like juno is able to give us such a captivating variety of sounds, some incorporating his epic, loud, and electronic-forward styles while others almost boast a more soft rock, grunge type vibe that isn’t always something you’d expect to hear within the umbrella that encompasses this subgenre, but it works so well with juno’s inimitable sound. He even recruits two of my other favorite up-and-comers in kmoe and dltzk, each of whom makes a major impact on their respective records in a way that brings their unique styles into juno’s world while also pushing their own limits to fit in with a different sonic soundscape as well.

I do feel like with some projects that release in hyperpop, their longevity can be limited because of a tendency to be almost too unique, but on the loved ones, juno brings his own special flair to the mix without completely trying to reinvent the wheel of certain genres. Thanks to his creative approach, I think that juno made this EP beyond special, so I’m just excited to get to run it back time and time again while we wait and see if he’ll give us any more awesome music videos in the near future!