The Lost Pack [Bodega Bamz] x [V Don]

New York’s flyest, the veteran emcee Bodega Bamz and renowned producer V Don have released their extraordinary album entitled The Lost Pack. With thirteen songs deep, the rap record has no weak points largely credited to the immense chemistry the duo possess. Akin to the stardom of Kobe and Shaq, both Bamz and V Don exude their hip-hop excellence from start to finish. V Don’s beats are jazzy with a signature touch of grime, while Bodega’s raps are surgical with an effortless rhyme scheme. Thanks to the elite production, each individual track contains its own flare to prevent sameness. This achievement is especially impressive considering the album’s minimal features, apart from the legends Smoke DZA and Willie The Kid on “100 Keep It.” Emilio Rojas also features on the song “Different Kind of High,” but otherwise the project is entirely Bodega Bamz and V Don led. I kid you not when I state that every track is heat, but “Sinner’s Heaven” and “Raise Ya Glasses” are my undeniable standouts. The former contains such a ridiculously good piano melody that belongs in a musical museum, while the latter employs a chill groove for Bamz to smooth talk over. Overall, The Lost Pack is an album for the books, and I’m extremely confident that it’ll be among my favorite releases this year. Have a listen below!