The Loneliest Christmas-[gabriel black] & [Johnny Goth]

With the Holidays already among us, a multitude of artists will begin to roll out music that reaches the broad net of music listeners while harnessing the inevitable nostalgia that comes with this special season. An artist who has done this to complete perfection is gabriel black as he is making it onto Lyrical Lemonade today for the release of his new song called, “The Loneliest Christmas”. This impressive tune makes it just in time as everyone is already beginning to zone out of their day jobs and begin channeling all of their Christmas Spirit. 

gabriel black has been on my radar for some time now and after hearing this new piece by him, I’m going to make sure I don’t miss out on a single release by him. “The Loneliest Christmas” wastes no time in showing listeners why this up and coming talent is among the most dynamic in the business as gabriel’s vocal talents are put on display in the best way possible. One of the best parts about this new offering is the stellar inclusion of collaborator, Johnny Goth to bring his own flare to an already well rounded piece.

This song is a really good one and I advise everyone to check this one out as soon as possible! I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so give this one a listen and let us know what you think!