In the wake of Cochise’s 2021 debut Benbow Crescent, few artists have made me eagerly anticipate their upcoming records like him. A year and a handful of singles later – Cochise returns to us this week with THE INSPECTION – a tightly-woven collection of tracks primed to decorate your weekly rotation all summer long. Inspired by Inspector Gadget and Florida’s plugg scene – Cochise’s newest LP shows his signature sound evolving outwards while still sounding as concentrated as ever. Though tracks like “TURN IT UP” and “HALO” may sound like heightened instances of the young artist returning to form, THE INSPECTION is full of tracks that see Cochise trading in his psychedelic energy and adopting a more hard-hitting hip-hop register. Chief Keef and Yung Nudy even appear as guests on “HUNT” and “NICE” respectively, and tracks like “PROFESSOR PROFESSOR” see Cochise holding nothing back as he delivers cleverly-written bars with ah high-octane ferocity. Perfect for old and new fans of Cochise, THE INSPECTION is a record that is nothing if not worth the wait. With more music and visuals likely set for release before the end of the year, there’s never been a better time to be a Cochise fan.

Check out Cochise’s newest LP THE INSPECTION below: