The Idle Mind – [Yourbeautifulruin]

When a producer releases their own project, it’s a unique chance to get a more in-depth look at an artist who usually isn’t the main attraction of their own work. On his debut project titled ‘The Idle Mind’, producer Yourbeautifulruin opens up his own mind to offer a glimpse of his purest form of creativity, amplified by a versatile circle of collaborators who each add their own voice to the mix.

Marked by luscious live instrumentation all throughout, ‘The Idle Mind’ is not only a flex in Yourbeautifulruin’s knack for exciting compositions, but it blossoms into a blissful listening experience as it plays through. His mix of jazzy percussion and uncanny rhythm floods each track in a sea of sound that swirls around a listener in unexpected and hypnotic patterns. He mixes in flute solos and funky bass lines to keep things moving at a fast-pace, allowing for a plethora of memorable moments to come to life with perfect timing. ‘The Idle Mind’ also introduces a roster of impressive vocalists, ranging from soul vocalists to rappers who all make their contributions intentional in moving the project forward. Standout tracks include the animated “Anything’s Possible” featuring Miyka’el, IsaiahG, Kashow & sunswan and the mesmerizing “Kaleidoscope Dreaming’” featuring CJ Run & sunswan.

Listen to Yourbeautifulruin’s ‘The Idle Mind’ below: