The Hype – [Duke Deuce]

One of my favorite things about hip-hop music recently is the fact that artists are showing off so much diversity, it’s insane to think that they can make one style of music one day and a completely different sound the next. Some artists have made this their claim to fame, constantly putting out records that sound nothing alike which keeps listeners on their toes and not knowing what to expect, just trusting that whatever it is will be something great.

As for Memphis’ very own Duke Deuce, he took the scene by storm with the help of his wild, outrageous bars, captivating personality, and always entertaining dance moves, but he knew that these things could only get him so far. Since his entrance into the industry, he has experimented with various styles that have drawn fans in from all over the world, and while I feel like certain sounds work better than others for him, I’m always going to support someone who’s putting themselves out there and getting out of their comfort zone.

Most recently, Duke teamed up with Zach Hurth to shoot a music video for his Stash 808-produced song “The Hype”, and I simply couldn’t sit back and let this one go by the wayside. In the record, some high-pitched synths of some sort combine with chattering, crisp percussion, and booming, deep 808s that come together for a touching, personal foundation for Duke to share his story. While I don’t think singing is necessarily his biggest strong suit, I do know that he incorporates his one-of-a-kind personality into this track, swinging his notes while including some grit into each line, differentiating himself from everyone else trying to do something similar.

Even with some stretched-out words, he rotates through a variety of cadences that only further prove his dominance in music, and that’s something I’d never even think about hating on, especially when it comes to Duke Deuce. He’s one of my favorite artists out right now, and he’s also constantly rising through the ranks of the industry with ease which makes “The Hype” a song you’re not going to want to miss out on anytime soon.