The Hopeless Romantic – [Action Bronson]

Few producer-artist duos compare to the soulful nature that Alchemist and Action Bronson bring to the table, and today, they’re here to remind fans of their chemistry with a new track titled “The Hopeless Romantic”. The song actually comes off of the Alchemists’ new Lunch Meat EP, setting the tone off on a powerful tone with its tremendous bouts of brass and pure soul as the two blend with ease. Once complemented with Bronson’s recognizable vocals, obscure references, and illustrative lyrics, “The Hopeless Romantic” is taken to new heights. Aside from the song itself, just recently, Action Bronson also announced his departure from Atlantic Records as well as a forthcoming mixtape entitled White Bronco, and with this, the stocks are continuing to rise for the Queens native, he and Alchemist are still on fire together, and “The Hopeless Romantic” is a masterpiece. Give it a listen below and let us know what you think in the comments!