The Hallway – [Senite]

Chicago’s own Senite makes her Lyrical Lemonade debut with a flawless new EP titled “The Hallway.” With four songs total, the short yet sweet offering is an absolute vibe from start to finish. Sonically each track varies, but the predominant soft R&B/soul influences are exquisitely met instrumentally and vocally. Speaking of vocals, Senite’s balletic voice couldn’t be more fitting for the harmonious production; her ability to leave emphasis on each and every word gives the project its own level of maturity. The record is filled with romance, but not in a predictable/cliché sense. Instead, a reoccurring element of mysteriousness fills ‘the hallway,’ and the elephant in the room represents trauma, complications, and eventual clarity. It’s truly impressive how conceptual the EP is despite its brevity, and from a pure enjoyment standpoint listeners will find themselves pressing play all over again following the outro.  In terms of which track personally hits the hardest, it’s a near-impossible question to answer. Truth be told, each song contains its own unique, affectionate and intricate experience! “Hello, Hi,” for example, is perhaps the most optimistic given Senite’s revelations about falling in love. “Billionaire” is a more reflective, synthetic, and dreamy record as she cleverly ties her heavy-heavy heart with monetary materialism. “Seeing Red” is the most convoluted track; the jazzy piano-led instrumentation is somberly met with Senite’s pensive lyricism. Last but not least, “How Would I Know” is a beautiful outro with plenty of vulnerability and revealed truth. Overall, The Hallway is a phenomenal and transformative body of work that proudly follows Senite’s The Living Room and The Guest Room EP’s. Have a listen below!