The Greatest Quarterback’s in NFL History

It’s 10:26 PM in Chicago Illinois – March 2nd, 2022.

I am in my office at the Lyrical Lemonade headquarters – I am sitting with my good friends Cole Bennett and Sal Tarantino. We got in a conversation about our favorite 10 QBs in NFL history, and currently, we have the whiteboard from our conference room in here. We are doing the hard work, we are having tough conversations, the sparks are flying, highlights are being shown.


*Please keep in mind that we were all born in 1996, we have never watched a game of John Elway, Dan Marino, or Joe Montana*


We rated this list on these attributes: Passion, Skill, Championships, Arm talent + Sauce


1 • Tom Brady

2 • Aaron Rodgers

3 • Peyton Manning

4 • Brett Favre

5 • Michael Vick

6 • Patrick Mahomes

7 • Ben Roethlisberger

8 • Drew Bress

9 • Donovan McNabb

10 • Matt Stafford


I know what you might be thinking: “Elliot, this list sucks”.

Maybe you’re right. The list is pretty solid though, you can maybe argue McNabb at #9, but McNabb was simply cool as hell. From the Campbells commercials to the madden cover, a complete dog. That Eagles team was one of the most exciting teams that we’ve watched in our lifetime.  They were a staple in the mid 2000’s.


I personally wouldn’t put Big Ben at #7, but I was outvoted, which is the name of the game. Sal, who is a known Steelers fan, called Big Ben “One of the best quarterbacks to ever play. He was an icon when it came to shifting around and breaking tackles in the pocket, he had that backyard style of football that you love to see”.


Brett Favre and number four just made sense – he had so much passion and love for the game. He played his ass off, he played hurt, he played in the snow, and was fearless. Cole loved the fact that Brett Favre was a gunslinger and a competitor to his core.

“No one in the game of football has ever displayed heart the way that Brett Favre did” – Cole Bennett


At the end of the day, we’re music guys, but we all love football. Watching NFL games and playing madden were important parts of upbringing, and the passion of this debate was really fun. Don’t look at this list and throw statistics at us, think about which of these QBs excited you, who gave you the best memories, and think about the legacy they left behind or are still creating.


RIP John Madden


– Elliot Montanez, Cole Bennett, Sal Tarantino