The Garden – [Jelani Aryeh]

Jelani Aryeh has been a buzzing young name in the music world as of late, and while I’ve always found myself impressed by his past releases, Aryeh’s latest single — “The Garden” — is the one that seems to bring things full circle.

Right off the bat, the songwriting here is what struck my ear upon first listen. From lines about getting lost in “your garden” to holding onto a loved one for dear life, “The Garden” is a love song that goes to great lengths in pursuit of professing its emotions. Accordingly so, in a way that reflects the splashing colors on the song’s artwork, Aryeh’s latest acts as a colorful celebration of emotion, at times pinned by the looming “what-if” that things could end one day. In order to avoid such, his heart-stricken vocals squeeze tighter and tighter, exuding a sense of emotive fervency that simply can’t be replicated.

Furthermore, acting as perhaps the most impactful lyric in the entire song, the line “hearts don’t break, they turn to stone” acts a cold declaration that there’s only one person out there that matters; if love with that person doesn’t work out, then love itself doesn’t move on. This set of words sets a dramatic tone throughout the entire release, elevating “The Garden” from a solid love song into a display of masterful songwriting, refusing to shy away from the sheer proportion of it all.

With that said, Jelani Aryeh is slated for a deeply-promising future, and releases like “The Garden” will surely be the pieces of the puzzle that get him there. Stream the new song below!