The Freako Interview – [93′ Til]

Chicago rapper, Freako, has been putting work into his craft for a while now, building up a unique sound especially with his most recent project, Oasis. He has pieced together an elaborate soundscape for the listener to indulge in, drawing lines between everyday reality and living completely in your head. Freako frequently reflects on using vices as a form of escapism from the world and overall there is a nice range of energies from track to track, showcasing the versatility the rapper possesses. I was able to chat with him about his musical background, some of his frequent collaborators, the creative process for Oasis, and big plans he has for the future. You can read some excerpts and check out the full 93′ Til interview below!

Name: Freako

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois (Southeast side)

Music listening to growing up: My uncle used to have a big cassette case and it used to have all this old music on there so I used to listen to NWAEazy E, and Tupac. Then growing up I listened to Kanye, 50 Cent, and The Game. As time went on I started listening to artists like Rocky, Vince Staples, Earl Sweatshirt.

How did you get into making music? My homie Bunch used to make music, still does music and I was around to see his first tape get made. I used to record stuff and send it to my homie to look for feedback. When I decided to take it seriously I wanted to try and hone my own sound. After a while you gotta find your own identity, a lot of music is trends and waves but eventually you gotta find your own sound or you gonna be put in a box so I try to stay away from that whole thing, ya dig?

How would you describe your own sound? To be honest it’s different, it’s really like mood music. However I’m feeling is what I’ll probably record, whenever I’m working on tapes and stuff I try to build a concept or storyline to it. It’s times I make stuff that is real turn up-ish and times when I drop something more conscious, it’s really about trying to combine both. I’m really having fun with this and blessed to have this type of opportunity to be able to drop the type of music I drop and get the reactions I get.

Oasis: What led to Oasis I had dropped a tape in Atlanta called Vacation that had 3 songs on it and people were saying the music was really breaking them from their everyday lives so that was raw to be able to do that. Leading in to Oasis I really wanted to do that again but make a whole project…with Oasis I really wanted people to figure something about themselves, and to really enjoy life itself. My intention was to have the listener separate from how they feel to recognize themselves. Like oasis is peace, whatever that is to whoever, but finding peace in isolation. I’d rather go for timeless music over took a year and a half to really do it because I’m a real perfectionist.

Favorite Collabs: Obviously me and Adot do a lot of music so its easy chemistry working with Adot. We gotta lot of unreleased music, a lot of stuff in the vault and throwaways. I enjoy working with Vee Myagi, Kidd (Twotimes), Kush (Worthy), both the Roos. I really get inspired to work harder with all these people.

Collabs You’d Love To Do In The Future: Isaiah Rashad, Lucki, Earl, Vince Staples, Alex Wiley

Goals: I wanna push art, push my art, I really want to do everything. I can’t wait to break away from reality and start making beats cause I know that’s gonna take some time. I really want to write movies too. I want to write a movie, check a bag and collab with Seth Rogen. Just constantly be improving and be as consistent as possible.

What’s coming up? Show on June 10th at 2151 21st St w/ BigBody Fiji, Forti Eight, Kidd Twotimes, NuWorld Kayo and more. New project just started on recently, be on the lookout for that by following Freako on Twitter (Freako223) and on Soundcloud.

You can find the link to his latest impressive project, Oasis, below along with the link for his full 93′ Til interview!