The Feeling – [Icewear Vezzo]

Ever since I had first heard about the booming music movement going on in Michigan, I was absolutely floored with the sounds they were creating. It was just so unique, and even though a lot of the artists either provided an off-kilter flow or a very laidback, nonchalant delivery, it was just unlike anything I had ever heard before. There is almost a West Coast influence that is overshadowed by a heavy Midwest background, and each artist making music, whether they’re from Flint or Detroit, makes sure to prove that no one in the entire world is making music quite like them.

Obviously, Lil Yachty brought some light to the scene earlier this year once he released his album Michigan Boy Boat that featured countless hitmakers from the region, and while this might’ve been an unexpected collaboration going in, it was clear that Yachty fits right in with this unique group. Beyond this, one of my all-time favorite things about the scene is the simple fact that they seem to never sleep up north, constantly releasing new songs and music videos to show that they’re not only multifaceted, but they have a work ethic that is unmatched, most likely due to the blue-collar upbringing that most of them are used to being surrounded by in and around the Motor City.

Icewear Vezzo is one of the biggest names coming out of the region, as you probably already know, and he is back and better than ever on his song “The Feeling”. In the instrumental, there is an almost elevator music-inspired melody that combines with upbeat and tempo-setting percussion and drums, giving Vezzo. Yet another unique beat to absolutely crush. When he comes in, he shows off his confident yet laidback demeanor once again, rifling through lines that are full of creativity, inventiveness, and personality without doing too much or trying to get too far ahead of himself. Unsurprisingly, Vezzo absolutely kills his parts in “The Feeling” once again, making it a song you’re going to want to listen to as well as a Suave-directed music video you need to check out immediately if you haven’t already.