The Fate – [SRNDR]

The newly formed, quickly bubbling duo of Chase Aaron and Lovsky, collectively known as SRNDR,  are creating a left-of-center hybrid of R&B that is impossible to ignore. The release of the Los Angeles based duo’s latest record, their second official single to date, displays not only their chemistry but promise as well. Their new single, “The Fate,” continues to build on the musical identity of a group whose talents will undoubtedly take them to new heights.

Combining their love for a variety of genres, SRNDR delivers a jazz-inspired, guitar-led record that relishes in ghostly synths and pulsating basslines. Listeners are greeted by the euphoric vocal stylings of Lovksy at the start of the record, who effectively creates an ethereal atmosphere for her singing counterpart Chase Aaron. The pair proceed to echo one another, relishing in their shared ambition and continued agreement to cast aside those that would stand in there way. It is hard not to get swept up in the inspiring nature of this record and its equally impressive vocal stylings and driving production. It is impossible to predict the trajectory of any artist or group’s career but we can say that SRNDR’s future looks incredibly bright as they continue to evolve – both individualistically and collectively. This is only the start of SRNDR’s story it would be a shame not to watch and see where this group will end up.

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