The Fall – [Brent Ewing] ft. [Zoey Dollaz]

For many artists, especially in Hip-Hop, dealing with illegal activities and imprisonment are things that they often don’t get to decide for themselves considering many of these talents were born into unfavorable situations. For Brent Ewing, a Carol City, Florida native, he used his time in the system to write music in order to help escape the reality he was dealing with. Much of his motivation comes from the fact that he desires to provide a better life for not only himself but his family in general, specifically his sister.

Although Brent is a newer name in my Rolodex of artists, I knew I had to tune into his most recent offering “The Fall” because it featured Zoey Dollaz, one of the first artists that worked hard in order to put Florida on the map with regards to Rap and Hip-Hop music. Daz and Dylan Graham produced this single and they did a remarkable job of incorporating impactful strings and keys together with crisp percussion and a bouncy bassline that is sure to get any function bumping.

Brent’s vocals begin right at the start as he hits every note he sings perfectly, but when it comes to the power behind his delivery, it seems like he’s almost holding back as a way of alluding to a much bigger moment in the proceeding minutes. Nonetheless, his flows are effortless and catchy, rolling off of his tongue in a way that seems just purely natural to him, and I get a Ty Dolla $ign vibe from him, which is very high praise considering how important the aforementioned icon is to the music industry. When Zoey comes in for the second verse, his entrance is elegant and flows so perfectly into the natural rhythm of things. Every single lyric he spits is just so buttery and unforced as he allows his words to just pour out of his mouth without any sort of pause or hesitation, finishing off this record on an extremely high note.

Although Brent Ewing might be a new name to me, he certainly isn’t a stranger to others considering his following has grown consistently and he has amassed over 120 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify, 309.5 thousand viewers on YouTube, and 38.6 thousand followers on Instagram. I’m not shocked by these numbers even slightly considering how unbelievably likable Brent seems to be, but I’m just surprised I haven’t heard of him prior to this. Regardless, I know I have a ton of catching up to do and I’m thoroughly looking forward to diving right into the deep end, so if you’re not familiar with Brent Ewing either, make sure you introduce yourself to his latest single “The Fall” featuring Zoey Dollaz as soon as you get the chance.