The Deep – [Ai Bendr]

Oftentimes, when I turn on music for my own listening pleasure, I tend to lean towards strictly rap and hip-hop, so when an artist in R&B or another genre is truly so talented that they stand out and make me want to listen to their music even if it’s not what I traditionally turn on, I can’t help but value them from the bottom of my heart. Insert Ai Bendr, an artist who I’ve known about for quite some time now, and while I’ve followed along with her career for a handful of months, she seriously never fails to surprise me with all of her talents.

Most recently, I was getting excited when I found out she was releasing a new song today called “The Deep”, and now that it’s in our hands for us to listen to and appreciate, I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you all. In the production for this remarkable record, it opens with some almost industrial-sounding instruments that resound and echo off into the distance, eventually meeting a deep, powerful, and ominous synth melody that is a unique but impressive base for Ai to expand on magnificently, as always. As she sings, her vocals sound a bit melancholic, but her passion and emotions shine through unbelievably well, and she gives herself room to expand on her initial foundation wonderfully.

Continuing on, she utilizes her background vocals in a perfect fashion, allowing her higher-pitched hums to accentuate her main layer of vocals seamlessly while also adding an additional element of mystery to this track. As she makes her way throughout this record, she truly shows off her range wonderfully as she raises and lowers her pitch and energy in the blink of an eye, showing us exactly how talented she is, but that’s no surprise considering she does this in every single song she puts out. More often than not, Ai Bendr leaves me at a loss for words, and “The Deep” is definitely no different, so make sure you check it out for yourself in order to truly grasp her aptitudes and skills for yourself because my words simply can’t do her music the justice it deserves.