The Culture (A Chicago Based Hip Hop Documentary)

Today is a day that I have been looking forward to since late October, today is a day I thought would never come.  To some people this piece of work may be amazing, to others it may be awful, but to me – this is special.  This film threw me into an unhealthy cycle, whether it be being too busy to sleep and eat, or whether it be traveling the city placing school and homework as a very low priority.  Yet most importantly, this journey has helped me build a whole new perspective, and not only on Chicago, but on life as a whole.  People become so comfortable with their own lives and form perspectives resulting in them forgetting to look at anyone else’s.  That right there is the premise of this documentary – to look at various perspectives which form a bigger picture.  Chicago has many different connotations to many different people, as well as the genre of hip hop.  Collectively these two blend in a beautiful way, creating for even more perspectives than imagined.  This documentary intentionally has no narrative for the reason that narratives create for a molded perspective, this is for you to build your own.  Through the words of many you will hear all different kinds of stories and sounds coming from all different places, yet all from one city.  Chicago is an amazing place, and people have proved to be able to find beauty in any part of the city, no matter what it may be.  Even in the darkest areas you will see smiles and laughter, it all comes down to the perspective you hold.  This is for you to form yours, I hope you enjoy it.  View The Culture, below.