The Commission – [Icewear Vezzo] ft. [Peezy] & [Payroll Giovanni]

When I first heard about the Michigan rap scene, I remember writing about artists that I had no clue who they were, but I just loved their vibe and couldn’t help but spread the word however and whenever I could. I didn’t even know half of their names, so if there were a few emcees on a single song, I had to do research and look them up to understand who was rapping at what point in the song.

Clearly, if you have been following along with my articles for more than a year, you know I have come a long way because I probably know too much about them at this point, but I just can’t get enough of the music coming out of this scene, and out of everyone Icewear Vezzo is not only one of the best, but he’s someone that I think should be credited with putting the city of Detroit back on the map with a new face after the rest of the country just labeled the Motor City with Eminem and no one else.

His upcoming album Rich Off Pints 3 is set to drop in just about a week on June 29th, and while this is sure to be quite a spectacle for Vezzo’s fans, the fun began early thanks to the release of his single “The Commission” featuring Peezy and Payroll Giovanni. Over the inspiring Wayne 616 production, these three spitters show what it means to be true emcees because there is no time to waste, and that means there isn’t even a hook that repeats in order to seize every moment possible.

Instead, these three spitters trade off bars, handing the baton off in a fluid fashion to finish each other’s sentences and cadences, acting as a singular unit to bring this one home perfectly. Even the Tremaine Edwards and Kardiak Films-directed video is amazing, so “The Commission” is yet another hit that you’re not going to want to miss as we get excited about Vezzo’s forthcoming album.